a ufo party

a true thing that happened: at a job interview today i told the interviewer she should go to minneapolis because prince is from there

can we have an appreciation blog for prince’s eyeliner

Girl no you ain't. There is a vastness to your interests and all the composites to your personality and youre the farthest thing from boring or even having a dry personality. Like girl come on believe in yourself

i know that i am interesting to some extent but i just feel like i’m boring to be around. like yeah i like cool shit but that doesn’t make someone fun. i dunno normally i feel pretty okay about myself but tonight i think i am just lonely

i responded to 2 craigslist ads to be a facepainter at a couple events and i’m pissed they didn’t respond to me

the only requirements were “must be able to paint basic shapes like hearts and butterflies” and i responded like hi hello i am awesome look at these art that i make let me paint awesome thing on faces for you

fuck you guys

real talk i am only cool on the internet

You are not boring you are a certified Cool Person

where’s my certificate

i keep wanting to snack and every time i walk into the kitchen my stomach is like “no. chill ok”

a freshly shaven head is so refreshing

a freshly shaven head is so refreshing